Saturday, January 23, 2010

Don't get too might get burned!

A story:

A small group of friends and I were hanging out last night and attempting to to see what limit "strike-anywhere" matches hold true to the claim of their identity, which led us to a discussion about man's attraction to fire. What is it about a burning flame that piques our interest so easily and consistently? First, I suggested that fire is both beautiful and alluring. Next, a friend said something to the effect of, "Fire suddenly appears out of nowhere, and you try and grab it, but you can' just burns you." Immediately after he said this, a third friend exclaimed, "Just like a woman!" We then proceeded to verify just how true this is especially with my statement and the statement of my other friend combined. It should be noted for the sake of context that the majority of the people in this group have all recently had significant failures in male-female interaction. Women are great, don't get me wrong....but it was a hilarious joke. Sorry to everyone I just offended. Cheers!

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